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Struggling With the Current by A.R.K Horton: Book Tour

Cover of Struggling With the Current by A.R.K. Horton

Title: Struggling With the Current (The Telverin Trilogy #1)
Author: A.R.K Horton
Publisher: Roaring Tulips, LLC
Pub Date: 11/30/2020
Genre: Fantasy
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Princess Eya’s life changes forever with the discovery of the Statue of the Goddess Winds. The long-overlooked kingdom of Hicares finds itself in a war it isn’t prepared for against the far more powerful empire of Pescel. To survive, Eya must flee her home, losing everything and everyone she loves in the process.

Yet, by leaving behind all she’s ever known, she learns that her sheltered life didn’t prepare her for the real world’s strange and frightening nature. She encounters people, places, and creatures beyond anything she ever imagined, along with sinister enemies from every direction. Perhaps her most surprising revelation is that she is developing terrifying powers of her own. Will Eya be able to find happiness in her new life, or will she continue struggling with the current?

Struggling With the Current is the first book of The Telverin Trilogy, a fantasy war story that takes place between several countries in the world of Telverin.


Picture of A.R.K. Horton

A.R.K. Horton is a small woman made of round shapes and long sighs. Children and animals surround her in her Florida home. Her vice is hoarding responsibilities, and she has the tired eyes to prove it. They still have a sparkle, though, seeing the next project ahead.

She began writing as a child when she became obsessed with learning about the most obscure fairytales, folktales, and myths. Now, she blogs extensively about them and uses them as inspiration for her novels.

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Thanks so much for reading my post about Struggling With the Current! It sounds like a great fantasy story, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Quote from Struggling With the Current: "She didn't have any idea what life she wanted, but she at least wanted a chance to find out."

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