Alexia was an absolute DREAM to work with! She reviewed by first novel and not only provided a written summary of her thoughts on the characters, plotting, and overall reading experience, but she also provided in line annotations to my novel with her thoughts throughout. Her perspective as a sensitivity reader was invaluable and allayed many of my concerns about how well I had represented Black and BIPOC characters in my book. Her feedback was detailed and specific, but also wonderfully warm and encouraging. I would recommend Alexia to anyone looking for a beta and/or sensitivity read and can promise you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to send her the rest of my series.



Alexia was AMAZING!!!!!!! Not only did she provide the MOST helpful feedback, but the comments she left made me laugh out laugh. HIGHLY recommend buying from her!



Alexia’s beta reading feedback was longer than most and overall excellent! It answered all of my questions with supporting details. Her in-line comments allowed me to view the draft from a reader’s perspective to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m very happy with my experience and plan to use her services again in the future!



Alexia was great. She provided a reader’s report with her impressions and suggestions and I really loved her in-line comments that showed how she was reacting to the story in real-time, which is super useful for me as a writer. Highly recommend!

EV Morgan

Her beta reading services are worth every penny. Not only did she provide me with a reader’s report that contained the parts she liked and very constructive criticism for areas I can improve, she also made notes throughout the document that confirmed for me that the writing was landing how I wanted (also her notes had me rolling on the floor laughing at times). She completed the project in the timeframe given and had clearly spent time writing out thoughtful notes. I will recommend her to all my writer friends.

Jen D.

I’d been struggling with a project I’ve restarted 3 times, but with the feedback I got from Alexia helped me understand what wasn’t working and what worked well. It cleared my doubts about things I thought weren’t working, and turned out to be good! I would recommend to any struggling author!

Wera Niyom


Alexia’s report was thorough and helpful, and she answered some additional questions I had (if this book was more or less setting me up for the next in the series). More than that, though, she really ‘got’ what I was trying to do with the character and her arc, which made me feel good about my story *and* helped give me feedback that really targeted what I was going for. Would definitely consider working with her again.

Dayna Diamond


Alexia made my day with her beta read. Her comments were entertaining, and I really feel that she paid attention to detail. She even picked up on a few easter eggs that I didn’t think were as obvious. Well done.



An author’s dream beta reader, for sure! I searched for honesty, and that’s exactly what I got with bookishends. She caught onto some errors that even a professional copy editor I previously hired had missed. Her comments made me laugh, yet also motivated me to polish certain areas to make my book a better reading experience. Everything was also done in a timely manner. Highly recommend!

Brooke M.

Working with Alexia was wonderful! Her feedback came on time as promised, and was thorough in both the reader letter and in-text notes. I had a great experience and will absolutely work with her again!

Genny Carrick

Alexia is an incredible reader! Sweet, smart, insightful, and a pure joy to work with! She gave specific feedback about things in my story that worked and things that needed some improvement. She was also encouraging about things that she personally enjoyed about my story, which is always something I deeply appreciate and motivates me to continue working on my craft. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Alexia is a wonderful beta and sensitivity reader. She was super friendly and great to communicate with before I even placed an order. And after that, Alexia was fast and delivered the Reader’s Report together with her notes in the manuscript right on time. She has excellent attention to detail, which I truly appreciate. And, her Reader’s Report was very high quality, outlining all the points she enjoyed and then some that I should pay attention to if I want to improve the story. Oh, and her comments inside the manuscript were brilliant. I loved seeing her reactions and comments as an author. And the comments made me crack a laugh a few times as well. I couldn’t recommend Alexia enough!