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Greek Mythology Book Tag 2021

Welcome to another Mythology Monday post on BookishEnds! Today I’m doing the Greek Mythology Book Tag started by Jasmine at Flip That Page. I used mainly books I’ve read in the past year to make the choices easier on me. Also if you click the covers, you’ll find the Goodreads pages for the books.

Zeus ~ God of the Sky and Thunder / King of the Gods ~ Favorite Book

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book cover
The Perks of Being a Wallflower cover

One of my favorite books of all time is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, but one of my new favorites that I read last year and loved immensely is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Poseidon ~ God of the Seas and Earthquakes ~ Book that drowned you in feels

Fifty Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie book cover

In my review for this one, I talk about how Fifty Words For Rain by Asha Lemmie absolutely emotionally destroyed me. When I thought I had reached the depths of my emotion, Lemmie did not ease up, and I found that my tears were limitless. Such a well-crafted book and I highly recommend (although I am sorry for any distress you may also go through).

Hades ~ God of the Underworld ~ Favorite book with a dark / ominous plot

Beyond the Ruby Veil by Mara Fitzgerald book cover

Emanuela in Beyond the Ruby Veil by Mara Fitzgerald is darkness personified. A chaos queen. I love her and this book so much.

Hera ~ Goddess of Marriage and Family ~ Cutest fictional couple

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert cover

I don’t know if I would use cute to characterize Dani and Zaf in Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert, but these two are the moment. Their relationship is everything, and I never knew if I wanted to be them or be with them.

Athena ~ Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft and Strategic Warfare ~ Series with the best world-building

Ecosystem by Joshua David Bellin cover

Ecosystem by Joshua David Bellin was on a whole nother level. It made me fall in love with sci-fi again, and it was just an overall relevant and thought provoking series that had so many layers built into it.

Aphrodite ~ Goddess of Love and Beauty ~ Most beautiful cover on a 2021 release

Lore Book Cover
Lore Cosplay

There’s way too many books I could choose from, so I decided to choose from some of my favorite January releases. Lore by Alexandra Bracken is definitely one of the most eye-catching, and if you’ve seen the OwlCrate special edition, that one looks even better.

Ares ~ God of War and Bloodshed ~ Most violent book you’ve ever read

His Scream Queen book cover

His Scream Queen by Brooklyn Ann was full of blood and sacrifice. It made me want to read more horror because I liked it a little too much.

Hephaestus ~ God of Blacksmiths and Fire ~ Scorching hot swoon worthy character

The Beautiful book cover

Since I already talked about Take a Hint, Dani Brown, I will refrain from using Zaf for this one. Instead, I’ll go with Bastien in The Beautiful series by Renée Ahdieh.

Artemis ~ Goddess of the Hunt and Virginity ~ Favorite Kick-Ass Heroine

Wings of Ebony by J. Elle Book Cover
Rue from Wings of Ebony cosplay

Again, I could never choose just one, but I will say the last one I loved was Rue in Wings of Ebony by J. Elle.

Apollo ~ God of Light and Healing ~ Sequel book that redeemed its series

Crown of Coral and Pearl book cover
Kingdom of Sea and Stone book cover

I can’t think of one that redeemed the series, but I’ll say I loved Kingdom of Sea and Stone by Mara Rutherford more than Crown of Coral and Pearl.

Hermes ~ Messenger God of Thieves and Commerce ~ Book with the best message

All Eyes on Her by L.E. Flynn

I’ve actually been reading quite a few books with great messages, but a recent one I loved was All Eyes on Her by L.E. Flynn. It’s a murder mystery kind of book, but the commentary it had on how society treats girls and what happens when men don’t get with they want was just too good and unexpected.

Hestia ~ Goddess of the Hearth and Home ~ Book with the most relatable story

Cover for The Love Curse by Melody McIntyre

I don’t wish to be perceived, so I won’t choose something too relatable, but The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley was like my high school experience in one book. Wild theatre stuff that consumes your life.

Demeter ~ Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture ~ Favorite bookish setting

Cover for You Have a Match by Emma Lord

I really love camp settings, so a recent book I enjoyed was You Have a Match by Emma Lord.

Dionysus ~ God of Wine and Celebration ~ 2021 release you are most anticipating

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
The Maidens book cover
act your age, eve brown by talia hibbert cover
The Witch's Heart book cover

So many books I was excited for already came out, but there’s also too many good ones coming out this year to count. So I’ll go with 4 titles: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers, The Maidens by Alex Michaelides, Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert, and The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec.

Thanks so much for reading my Greek Mythology Book Tag! If you’re interested in doing this, consider yourself tagged. Have you read any of these? Agree with my choices?

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