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Faye and the Ether by Nicole Bailey: Review

Thanks so much for checking out my post about Faye and the Ether! Keep reading to find a summary of the book, my review, and the purchase links. Also if you’re interested in the story, you can click this link to read my interview with the wonderful author Nicole Bailey.

Faye and the Ether Cover

Title: Faye and the Ether
Author: Nicole Bailey
Publisher: Nicole Bailey
Pub Date: 10/27/2020
Genre: YA Fantasy
Edition: ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy)
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Rating: 5 out of 5.


For as long as I can remember, the sea has called to me, luring me to explore the secrets hidden beneath its cresting waves.

Faye is tossed into a current of uncertainty as she deliberates over her college choices. More than anything she wants to study by the sea, forever chasing the line where the ocean meets the horizon. But she finds herself dragged down by the riptide of her and her mother’s financial restraints. How can she be true to herself when anchored by her world’s limitations?

As the leader of the deadliest group in the Ether, Daron is at the top of his game. Yet there is one thing he’s failed at time and again–finding the human-raised Ether. It’s a known fact amongst his team that success on that particular mission would change their lives in unimaginable ways. Yet Daron couldn’t comprehend how true that was… until he saw Faye.

Guided by Daron, Faye enters a world she never knew existed. One filled with mythical creatures, struggling to coexist. As Faye wrestles with where she fits in this magical realm, secrets are revealed that turn the tide once more.

Inky darkness is seeping ever closer. Can Faye and Daron work together to save Ether and themselves? Or will the world be crushed under a wave of evil?

From author Nicole Bailey comes a young adult adventure filled with magic, intrigue, and the inner well of strength that flows through us all.


Where do I even begin when talking about how amazing this book is? We love queerness and platonic friendships and found family.

Daron’s POV interested me right from the beginning. I liked how he and Faye kept each other accountable. They both could be stubborn and snippy with each other, but their relationship worked because of the respect they had for each other and the greater purpose that needed them.

You know if there’s a prophecy in a book, it’s probably going to be a good book. I liked how the idea of feeling like you’re in between two worlds wasn’t just a concept in this story, but was solidified with Faye’s origins and the Ether. There were so many good plot points in the story, and the ending chapters were dramatic, shocking, and left me wanting more.

The characters themselves were really good too. I love when characters do something dumb and people help them right their wrongs. Cause oh did Faye make a mess of things toward the end of this story. The author also introduced some great deception. I never trusted the person and they were so fake, but I was still shocked when everything went down. I do love a villain though who has the right idea but goes about it the wrong way.

The writing itself was really strong too. It took me a bit to get into it as it felt a little choppy in the beginning, but the more I read I saw how beautiful and poetic some of the writing was. I even got a chills a couple times. And the relationships in this story!!!! The pining, oh the sweet pining. The passion! The intimacy! I was so so happy with a particular couple in this story because I thought it would be too good to be true, but the author really delivered.

Although I read an ARC of this, I had to go buy a copy to add to my collection. Mythology is one of my favorite genres, and Faye and the Ether is a must-have.

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Nicole Bailey

Nicole Bailey is a writer and reader who loves young adult, magical realism, and the occasional romcom.
She is the author of the FAYE AND THE ETHER series.
When she isn’t writing she loves to hike, kayak, bike, or garden. She lives with her three children and her husband in South Carolina. 

You can find her on Instagram or on her website.

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